Georgina Deverell


Georgina is working with the Negotiation Lab to develop the AdvanceHer program - negotiation strategies for women.

Georgina is currently doing a postgraduate degree in International Political Economy at King’s College London. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from the University of Bristol where she specialised in ethics, logic and metaphysics.  Her previous internships included working for Adam Holloway MP in the House of Commons; Martina Langer, Creative Director for Grey Advertising in London ; researching and organising the construction of GoByGas refuelling stations (biomethane/LNG) for Organic Power Ltd in Somerset.

Having grown up in Northern Ireland, across Europe and in numerous countries in the Middle East, Georgina spent the formative years of her life exposed to a diversity of cultures. She hopes to begin a career in international development and conflict resolution.

Georgina is based in London, UK.