New on-line assessment and evaluation tool for negotiators.

The Negotiation Lab, in conjunction with iGBL, an education technology venture based at the Said Business School at Oxford University has developed a new on-line assessment and evaluation tool complementing the Thomas-Kilmann conflict mode self-assessment exercise taken in the Basic Negotiations Skills workshop.

It monitors the on-going personal performance the workshop participant as a negotiator after they have left the class room.

  • Workshop participants are paired with their peers in a series of one-to-one simulations from Harvard Law School.
  • They can conduct the negotiation face-to-face, by video-link or over the phone during a one-week period.
  • They must complete an on-line pre-negotiation questionnaire outlining their strategy.
  • Record their agreement or no agreement
  • In a post-negotiation on-line questionnaire, they assess their own performance and that of their peers.
  • Over a period of five months, a negotiator profile is built up for each participant.
  • Enables trainers to give negotiators in-depth personalized assessments.

Benefits to Negotiation Lab clients include:

  • Applying a consistent methodology to assessing negotiating style and effectiveness for the organization.
  • Provides a framework for reinforcing the principles taught in earlier workshops.
  • Helps participants to be more aware of their own approach to negotiation.
  • Increases their understanding of their own style and how they can improve.
  • Participants are rewarded with rich feedback analysis, quantitative, analytical and coaching.
  • Increases the motivation to do more simulations to keep reinforcing best practices.


iGBL is a start-up based in Oxford founded by three Oxford MBAs in Oct 2013 with the support of UK Trade & Investment and the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship. They are committed to bringing interactive tools and game-based learning to business education. The first product iGBL developed is a CSR Accounting Simulation Game, which has been used by over 1000 participants and has generated wide interest from international partners who focus on CSR training.

Co-founders of iGBL include: Shubham Anand (CEO) – who has extensive experience working in the education technology and social enterprise sector. He has been involved with two start-up ventures in the past. He holds a Bachelor of Information Technology degree from the University of Delhi, a Post Graduate Diploma in Management of NGOs from the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India and an MBA from the University of Oxford where he was awarded the Skoll scholarship.

Charlton Mak (CMO) has extensive experience working in the media, education and non-profits sector in Hong Kong and mainland China. He is an alumnus of the United World College of the Atlantic and holds a BSc in Economics (Marketing & Management) from the Wharton School, an MEd & LLM from the University of Hong Kong, and an MBA from the University of Oxford where he was co-chair of the Education Group of the Social Impact Network.

Viktor Repetskyi (CTO) is a professional software developer with strong technical skills. In his career he has worked both for start-ups and big corporations in a variety of projects from kernel device drivers to front-end web development and has extensive experience in software development process implementation and Agile engineering practices. He holds an MBA from the University of Oxford and a Masters in Mathematics from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine.