New on-line psychometric assessment tool for negotiators - Do you have the right people on your negotiating team?

The Negotiation Lab is now offering a new online assessment tool for evaluating negotiating teams.  Utilising the commercial psychometric tool ORPHEUS, under license from Pearson Publishing Ltd., the methodology is designed to elicit a point in time profile that aims to contribute to a greater understanding of negotiation practice and future training needs.

Orpheus is a work-based measure of personality; it provides you with a comprehensive measure of a candidate's personality, assessing traits that will contribute to an individual's performance at work. In combination with the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, which is used by the Negotiation Lab in it's new on-line training & assessment platform, an Orpheus report will answer the most important questions about both potential and current negotiators:

  • How will potential negotiators integrate into a team?
  • How do they cope in stressful and demanding environments?
  • Can they think for themselves?
  • Are they really a true FIT for your organizations needs?

As well as the big five measures of Fellowship, Authority, Conformity, Emotion and Detail, it contains an Unlikely Responses Scale (Lie, Social Desirability, or Impression Management) and seven minor scales assessing the integrity traits of Proficiency, Work Orientation, Patience, Fair-mindedness, Loyalty and Initiative.

The mechanism for implementing the test instrument can be achieved any where in the world as it is an online procedure. The test contains 190 separate item response questions with a time limit factored at 25 minutes and under; Response time is a contributory measure.

The analyses and feedback of the test is carried out by Aaron Hudson-Tyreman who’s leading Doctoral research at Queen Mary University, London is focused on the use of the tool in the mediation/negotiation field. A member of the Negotiation Labs team of specialists, a university lecturer in Dispute Resolution at Kings College, London and a qualified mediator, Aaron is a member of the British Psychological Society, and studied under the man who created Orpheus, Professor John Rust of the Cambridge University Psychometrics Centre.

Key Benefits

  • Based on the 'Big Five' model of personality within a work context - Fellowship, Authority, Conformity, Emotion, and Detail.
  • Seven additional scales - Proficiency, Work-orientation, Patience, Fair-mindedness, Loyalty, Disclosure, and Initiative.
  • Developed in collaboration with several UK blue chip companies.
  • Monitors for response biases - dishonesty, social desirability, acquiescence, and contradiction.
  • Recognized as a leading work place tool - The British Psychological Society.
  • Standardized in the UK on a representative sample of employees from a broad range of organizations, occupations, educational levels and ethnic groups.
  • Its 190 items are quick to administer over the internet.
  • Incorporates state-of-the-art psychometric procedures in scoring.

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