Training young negotiators

In June 2014, The Negotiation Lab piloted a new program at Stowe School in Buckingham for 16 year olds preparing for university with new course on Effective Communication, Persuasion & Collaborative Skills. (see video here)

Our workshops are particularly suitable for sixth-formers. The skills students acquire on the effective communication and persuasion skills workshop will be directly relevant to:Entrance interviews

  • Job interviews
  • Negotiation of deadlines
  • Negotiation with parents and peers
  • Dealing effectively with difficult or challenging situations

How can 16–18 year olds benefit from learning about principled negotiation?

Based on the teaching method and materials for “Principled Negotiation” developed at Harvard University, our workshops help young adults:

Negotiate socially and in personal relationships

  • What do you do if a friend asks you to do something that agreeing to would mean you broke a promise you made to another friend – can you find a way out that leaves everyone happy?

Negotiate a job

  • How can you get the best deal in negotiating a summer job? How do you positively present how you can create value to a future employer?

Negotiate a place at university

  • How can you present your career and study interest while understanding what the university is looking for in choosing you to be part of their community.

What else could students learn?

In addition to understanding the basics of negotiation, we focus on the importance of developing effective communication and persuasion skills. This includes first-hand practical experience backed-up by theory of:

  • The importance of voice use;
  • How to develop a natural voice – which is typically rich, deep and resonant; easy to produce and easy to listen to, capable of a wide range of variety;
  • How emotions can help and hinder the negotiation process;
  • How, why and when to use effective questioning techniques.
  • How to harness the power of words;
  • How to develop the skill of active listening.