Advanced Negotiation Skills Workshop: Schedule and Learning Outcomes

0900 - 1000hrs - United Nations Simulation: The Crocodile River Story - An exercise that demonstrates the importance of personal values in the context of a negotiation.

1000 - 1030hrs - Pre-Negotiation Briefing Report (PNBR) - Learn how to prepare for a negotiation with a formula developed by Howard Raffia, Professor of Managerial Economics at Harvard Business School and used at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University for the Northern Ireland talks. The template includes:

  • History of the conflict
  • Defining the Parties
  • Internal political structures
  • Interest and values
  • Vision of the future with an agreement
  • Alternatives to a negotiated settlement if no agreement is reached
  • Template for Mediated Negotiations
  • Objective standards of fairness
  • Trade-off analysis
  • Possible appealing agreements
  • Benefits to external parties
  • Barriers to negotiation

1030 - 1130hrs - Creating a PNBR for the Mouse Exercise - Participants in the negotiation will analyse the simulation with their own PNBR. The simulation is a multiparty and multicultural situation on the creation of EuroDisney outside of Paris. The role plays will involve the mayors of the four districts where the massive American theme park is located, who will be negotiating amongst themselves and with the representatives of the French government, the French Chamber of Commerce and the Disney Corporation.

1130 - 1145hrs - COFFEE BREAK

1145 - 1545hrs - Harvard Law School Simulation: The Mouse Exercise (including lunch) Participants will negotiate for four hours, both formally and informally.

1545 - 1600 - COFFEE BREAK

1600 - 1730hrs - Debriefing - Participants will talk about their experience of the negotiation and how they did, or did not form coalitions, how they or their counterparts claimed or created value, whether they or their counterparts were assertive or empathic, whether the PNBR prepared them for the negotiation, were they able to figure out their counterparts BATNA? They will also try to identify their own negotiation tactics in terms of the Thomas-Kilmann model.