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Do you want to negotiate ethically and with integrity through principled negotiation techniques?

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Do you want to overcome resistance to your positons and move to interest-based negotiation?

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Do you want to create value in your negotiations?

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Do you want a framework to help you map out your negotiations?

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Do you want to understand how other cultures interpret your negotiation tactics?

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Corporate Diplomacy with China

In April, we held the second annual Corporate Diplomacy workshop on China in the UK, this time at SOAS, University of London in association with the Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy and the London Confucius Institute.



“It was a pleasure to participate in the workshop. It reinforced all of the knowledge gained through years of experience in dealing with China and helped me to refocus on key cultural aspects of negotiating in a Chinese environment. It would also be a great introduction to those just starting out in professions in which they will need to deal with China in social and or business situations. The workshop provided some great opportunities to practice negotiating skills through the interesting and entertaining case studies and simulations.” - Scott Chorna, Business Development Director for China,IMO Car Wash Group Ltd.

“I found the workshop very interesting with a good variety of challenging cases of the kind that both Chinese and foreign negotiators would have to contend with. The entire workshop provided valuable inter-cultural insights and ways of addressing different cultural perspectives in ways best calculated to secure mutually acceptable outcomes. The skills acquired on the course are also transferable to other academic disciplines.” - Lik Suen, Executive Director, London Confucius Institute SOAS; Principal Lector in Chinese, SOAS University of London

“The workshop gave me the opportunity to explore different negotiation styles in hypothetical cultural settings. The trainers were highly engaging and knowledgeable about East-West cultural differences and were very successful in creating an environment for lively debate and discussion amongst the participants. ” - Si Xuan Cai, Senior Associate Solicitor,Norton Rose Fulbright LLP, London

Video of the first Corporate Diplomacy workshop on China 2015



"The lively discussions and well-organized role-plays gave me the opportunity to practice different negotiation tactics with my fellow Chinese as well as Western participants in the course and helped me understand and appreciate different perspectives from our two cultures, which is extremely valuable and can lead to satisfactory outcomes for all sides." - Miller Guo, Chief Executive Officer, GF International Asset Management (UK) Co. Ltd.

“The laboratory format of the course, supported by an interesting array of case studies and role- plays, allows one to experiment with negotiation styles and techniques in a safe environment. Facilitating lively debate and insight into both Chinese and Western negotiation styles, there were a number of ‘that explains it’ moments in the workshop.” - Clive Evans, International Business Director, Hydro International Plc.

“This is a dynamic course led with gusto and authority by Samuel Passow and his team. The case studies and simulations resulted in moments of genuine insight into negotiation techniques. The ongoing peer-appraisal process was particularly useful as it allowed participants to gauge their performance during the workshop and therefore work on weaknesses as they emerged.” - Jack Chubb, Manager, Torchlight Group Ltd.

What we do

We deliver clearly defined workshops that progress from the basics of the Harvard method of "Principled Negotiation"  to advanced skills and analytical tools with complex multi-cultural, multi-party and multi-issue role play simulations.  We offer refresher workshops, six months later, that review of the participant's real-time negotiation experiences to ensure that value creation “best practices” are now part of the organizational culture. Our program is backed-up by a 24/7 on-line coaching and mentoring program for our workshop participants. 

The Negotiation Lab workshops have trained a total of 1,336 participants from 133 countries and 31 different academic disciplines in 137 workshops over the last nine years. Their varied backgrounds enrich the learning experience and help provide a global context for many of the lessons and simulations.

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We have coached and consulted to the leadership of organisations around the world, including:

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