The Negotiation Lab offers one to three-day workshops for executive training. In this immersive, interactive program, participants will acquire a framework, tools, techniques, and skills for maximizing the value of negotiated outcomes by navigating the negotiation process from analysis to commitment to implementation. Dress comfortably and be prepared to play outside of your zone of possibilities.

Workshop contents include the following:

  • Practical role-plays and negotiation simulations based on Harvard case studies
  • Videos of real-time negotiations
  • Personal evaluation of participants’ use of negotiation tactics

Day 1: Basic Negotiation Skills
Introduction to the Harvard method of "Principled Negotiation" - Participants will be introduced to the Harvard Method of ‘principled negotiation’ and how to effectively apply it to overcome resistance to your position in a commercial negotiation by bargaining over interests and needs, and create more value than what might originally appear at the negotiation table.

Day 2: Advanced Negotiation Skills

  • How values affect negotiations, Complex multi-party negotiations, Harvard Business School analytical outline for a Pre-Negotiation Briefing Report (PNBR)
  • Participants are expected to grasp intermediate to advanced conceptual frameworks. Prior reading is highly advised to ensure that participants are prepared and ready for active group participation. Session includes a half-day,  seven-party, multi-cultural, multi-issue negotiation.

Day 3: Refresher Workshop or Advanced Specialization
These workshops focus on very specific topics and skills which are reinforced through topical case studies, exercises and simulations.


We also develop tailored programs for ongoing training needs in sales, negotiation and mediation. We recommend two-day workshops followed by online simulation training every three months after the initial training. Again, all participants should undertake the Basic course, which explains the Harvard method of "Principled Negotiation" as a pre-requisite to undertaking the following workshops.

Online Platform The online training platform provides a safe, confidential community and 24/7 advice to participants following the initial two-day workshop to help with real-time negotiation issues. This service includes articles on negotiation from Harvard Business Review and other publications. Each cohort will have a separate platform; participants from each cohort will be able to share negotiation experiences/problems which can be used in the first part of the refresher program. (The Negotiation Lab will sign Non-Disclosure Agreements and carries indemnity insurance.) Click here for program details and video

Two-Day Options:  (1) Basic + Advanced;  (2) Basic + Multicultural;  (3) Basic + China;  (4) Basic + Mediation;                       (5) Basic + Real Esate; (6) Basic+ECPS; (7) Basic and Email Negotiation:

For more information on creating your own specialized workshop package please contact:Samuel Passow on +44(0)1227766714  or via email on