Moldova Investment Guides - Developing a Transition Economy





The Negotiation Lab was commission in January 2007 by the European Union TACIS Program for Moldova (EuropeAid/1119765/C/SV/MD) to provide technical support to the Moldovan Investment and Export Promotion Organisation (MIEPO) in Chisinau, where it researched, wrote, and produced a 38 page foreign direct investment guide for the country and four, 8 page industry sector export promotion and investment guides. The industries covered were Wines, Agriculture and Food Processing, Information & Communication Technology and Clothing & Textiles. The project was designed to enable local officials to update both the FDI guide and the sectorial guides. This was successfully done by MIEPO in April 2009.

The three month project, included a month of field work in Chisinau, Moldova. The designers for the project were Casa Imago of Chisinau, the design team that created the logo for the Negotiation Lab.

Production credits for Investment Guides:  Written and Edited by Samuel Passow;  Researchers: Ovidiu Cotelea,  Alexander Osadci,  Oleg Brinza, Dona Scola,  Aurlia Neider,  Stephen Hill;  Design & Graphics by Alex Dolghi and Olga Radu of Casa Imago.