Greg Jones

“The Negotiation Lab courses offer an ideal blend of academic material and practical opportunities to try out negotiating techniques in a safe environment. Samuel Passow uses his considerable experience to great effect in guiding the course attendees through increasingly complex negotiating scenarios so that they learn quickly how the different elements of negotiating theory fit together in real-life situations. The techniques that Samuel Passow teaches at the Negotiation Lab are wide-ranging and applicable to a broad range of personal, political, and business situations. However, I would specifically recommend these courses to anyone planning to negotiate in a commercial environment.”

Greg Jones - Director of Strategy & Business Research, Baker Hughes, a GE company, Houston

Brigadier-General John Deverell, CBE

“Samuel Passow organized a truly outstanding tailor-made negotiation & mediation course. It built on my own experience of international mediation and negotiations in the Armed Forces and enabled me to understand how the art of negotiation can be applied to the corporate environment. In so doing, he helped me to make the transition from government service to the commercial world. Mr. Passow brings the theory and practice of negotiation alive through anecdotes, examples and role-play exercises. The Corporate Diplomacy course is a convincing, insightful, valuable and hugely enjoyable experience. I strongly recommend it.”

Brigadier-General John Deverell, CBE - Former Director of Defence Diplomacy in the UK Ministry of Defence, Head of Global Security for Invensys Plc, London.

Aaron Magunje

“I have attended and participated in a lot of Negotiating skills programs before. The one run by Prof. Passow is a gem of a program. This is a program that has revamped and rekindled my negotiating lifestyle. I will forever cherish more developmental programs of such quality. Ok Zimbabwe has benefited immensely from this program”.

Aaron Magunje - Group Training Manager, OK Zimbabwe Ltd.

James Maberly

“I attended the Negotiation Lab courses as we are about to launch into a process of negotiation and mediation work between the black and white farming communities in Zimbabwe. The tensions are likely to be high in an environment where feelings of injustice on both sides are very strong. I cannot recommend the work of Samuel Passow and the Negotiation Lab highly enough. A gifted teacher, he not only has the ability to communicate the process so well, it is greatly enhanced by his own real experience as a world class negotiator. The role playing exercises were excellent, throwing us into many and varying scenarios, which fully tested our skills and capabilities. There was never a dull moment in the course”

James Maberly - Chairman of the Zimbabwe Agricultural Welfare Trust

Rajendra S. Shirole

"Over the last five years Samuel Passow has presented a stimulating and rewarding 'negotiations experience' to the Kent MBA class, which is an inherent part of the curriculum. Students have found the sessions engaging, relevant, stimulating and rewarding. The negotiation workshop is perhaps the most appropriate intervention to any programme and particularly to the MBA."

Rajendra S. Shirole - Former Director of MBA Program, University of Kent Business School, now Professor of International Business, Hult International Business School, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Dr. Klaus Schwab

“Mr. Passow is a well-regarded academic with great experience in conflict management.”

Dr. Klaus Schwab - Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum

Baroness Shirley Williams

“Samuel Passow was my student at Harvard. He is highly expert and knowledgeable in the field of conflict management and dispute resolution and has worked with a wide range of countries and private companies facing difficulties or sometimes dangerous situations.”

Baroness Shirley Williams - Member of the House of Lords, former Leader of the Liberal Democrat Party in the Upper House of Parliament, Professor at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Dr. Michael D. Watkins

“Mr. Passow has a very deep understanding of the emerging issues facing managers operating in a global context. He is capable of taking very complex topics and distilling them down to the essential elements required for informed decision making.”

Dr. Michael D. Watkins - Founder and Chairman of Genesis Advisers, Former Professor at Harvard Business School & the Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Miller Guo

“The lively discussions and well-organized role-plays gave me the opportunity to practice different negotiation tactics with my fellow Chinese as well as Western participants in the course and helped me understand and appreciate different perspectives from our two cultures, which is extremely valuable and can lead to satisfactory outcomes for all sides."

Miller Guo - Chief Executive Officer, GF International Asset Management (UK) Co. Ltd.

Denan Li

“The multi-cultural workshop gave me a good opportunity to practice real negotiation techniques and learn in a safe classroom setting. In my current job, I have been negotiating with Westerners for six years and I finally had a chance to reflect and analyse my strengths, weaknesses and improve upon them.”

Denan Li - Chairman of the Association of Chinese Financial Professional in the UK, Client Advisor, Private Banking, UBS Zurich.

Lik Suen

“I found the workshop very interesting with a good variety of challenging cases of the kind that both Chinese and foreign negotiators would have to contend with. The entire workshop provided valuable inter-cultural insights and ways of addressing different cultural perspectives in ways best calculated to secure mutually acceptable outcomes. The skills acquired on the course are also transferable to other academic disciplines.”

Lik Suen - Executive Director, London Confucius Institute SOAS; Principal Lector in Chinese, SOAS University of London

Scott Chorna

“It was a pleasure to participate in the workshop. It reinforced all of the knowledge gained through years of experience in dealing with China and helped me to refocus on key cultural aspects of negotiating in a Chinese environment. It would also be a great introduction to those just starting out in professions in which they will need to deal with China in social and or business situations. The workshop provided some great opportunities to practice negotiating skills through the interesting and entertaining case studies and simulations.”

Scott Chorna - Business Development Director for China, IMO Car Wash Group Ltd.

Clive Evans

“The laboratory format of the course, supported by an interesting array of case studies and role- plays, allows one to experiment with negotiation styles and techniques in a safe environment. Facilitating lively debate and insight into both Chinese and Western negotiation styles, there were a number of ‘that explains it’ moments in the workshop.”

Clive Evans - International Business Director, Hydro International