Negotiation Lab Develops a Crisis Management Training Program for an FTSE-100 firm


The Negotiation Lab worked with Invensys, the UK-based global technology and controls group focusing upon industrial automation, rail transportation and controls to design, write and teach a series of six scenario-based training programs for the crisis management teams at corporate and business group levels. In all, the top 49 senior business executives of the company, from the CEO down, participated in the  program.

The project in 2009/2010 involved research and seminars in the United States, China, Singapore, India, Holland and Spain. The assignment developed from the Corporate Diplomacy program taught at Kent Business School in April 2009.

In 2013, Invensys was broken up and sold off to Siemans of Germany and Schneider Electric of France. CEO Ulf Henriksson moved on to become CEO of the Luxembourg-based automation firm, Dematic.

The videos to the right are scenes from various workshops held in the corporate boardroom in London.

They highlight key moments during hours of discussion using the Socratic method of teaching of asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to illuminate ideas.

The videos demonstrate the  insight, understanding and opportunity that can be achived in the collaborative effort that scenario-based crisis management training offers.

Having a prepared mind

Stakeholders exploring solutions in a crisis

Turning a crisis into an opportunity

Why companies need to practice CMT procedures