Liberia: Rebuilding a Post-Conflict Economy through Exports

The Negotiation Lab was commission in September 2007 by the International Trade Centre in Geneva, the technical trade assistance organisation of the United Nations and the World Trade Organization to research, write and produce a 16-page brochure describing its approach to Aid for Trade in Liberia. This booklet describes in detail, how the African Birds Eye Chilli project is helping to launch ITC’s overall Trade and Export Development Program in Liberia.

The Birds Eye Chilli Project costs €175,625 (£134,635). In all, ITC plans to spend €2.1 million (£1.6 million) in Liberia between now and 2009. The project is currently being funded by a €281,485 (£215,834) grant on a bilateral basis from the Irish Government, and the rest through the Global Trust Fund, the €5.8 million (£4.4 million) collection of donor funds from around the world which is spent at the discretion of ITC. The brochure was designed as a template to explain in non-bureaucratic terms the new ITC country approach. In April 2008, the template was used in the ITC annual report (pages 31 & 32).

The one month project, including a five day field trip to Monrovia and the surrounding counties.

Production credits for brochure:  Written and Edited by Samuel Passow;  Photos by Samuel Passow, Richard Henries, International Trade Centre;  Liberian Paintings by Lawson B. Sworh;  Designed by Lesley Farr, the University of Kent Design & Print Centre.

ITC Liberia Brochure

Liberia: Rebuilding a Post-Conflict Economy through Exports