• Corporate

    Bespoke three-day workshops, coaching services, negotiation “best practice” monitoring program.

  • Government

    Training for public sector managers, trade negotiators, and diplomats.

  • Education

    University two-day workshops for MBA and other post-graduate students.

  • Mediation

    Accredited mediators who can help resolve commercial, family and cross-border disputes.

Do you want to negotiate ethically and with integrity through principled negotiation techniques?

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Do you want to overcome resistance to your positons and move to interest-based negotiation?

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Do you want to create value in your negotiations?

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Do you want a framework to help you map out your negotiations?

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Do you want to understand how other cultures interpret your negotiation tactics?

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Online Negotiation Training Program for Corporate & Government Clients

The Negotiation Lab is now offering Harvard negotiation simulation training using an internet platform that allows participants to interact at the bargaining table via video-chat anywhere in the world while being observed by an experienced trainer in the UK or USA in real-time. This new global classroom also collects and analyses data from each negotiator before and after they do a simulation so that an understanding of the methodology can be compared with their outcome. Click here for more details.

ZOOM Classes

To meet the teaching challenges of COVID-19, the Negotiation Lab started university class lectures via Zoom in March 2021 Our first Zoom class was with the European Institute of the London School of Economics for their MSc program in The Global Political Economy of China and Europe. In all, 28 students from China and Europe participated in both lectures and simulations. The three LSE workshops were part of a two-year doubled degree program in Public Policy and Administration with Fudan University in Shanghai.

The Negotiation Lab has trained a total of 1,587 participants from 140 countries and territories.

They have participated in 168 one-day workshops and 360 online classes over the last 15 years. Their varied backgrounds enrich the learning experience and provide a global context for many of the lessons and simulations.

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We have coached and consulted to the leadership of organisations around the world, including:

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